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For over 3 years, I prided myself on being the one-stop shop for raw ingredients and supplies for all of your natural DIY needs. Then, I just couldn’t do it anymore (read this blog post if you’re keen to know why). I promised to share my suppliers with you, and here it is. I have plans to continuously add to this list as I find reputable business worthy of recommendation. If you have a recommendation for me, or if you run a business yourself that aligns with my vision, get in touch!

Where possible, I have secured a discount code with suppliers. In some instances, these suppliers have kindly offered a small kickback for me too. By using the coupon codes provided, we both benefit (and I do believe after the years of research I put in it is well deserved!). Each supplier varies in their terms and conditions, so if you’re unsure at checkout, send them an email 🙂

I have developed a beautiful business relationship with most of my trusty suppliers (I’m the customer who calls and emails with a billion questions about quality, sourcing, possible contamination, sustainability etc) but I do recommend you keep the following in mind when choosing where you shop:


  • Don’t take my, or anyone else’s, word for it. Ever. What is good for me, may not be good for you (although my version of good in this space is pretty good!). Ask your own questions, do your own research if you feel you need to.
  • At the time of my research, the suppliers below ticked all of the boxes for me, but I didn’t always buy every product they sold. Some ingredients didn’t meet my standards, hence the wide number of suppliers I used to order from. (As time goes on and I add suppliers I haven’t personally had time to research, I’ll be sure to make that clear in the write-up.)
  • Just because certain ingredients met my needs then, doesn’t mean they still will 6, 12, 18 months down the line. People change, situations change, formulas and processes change. I won’t have time to keep an eye on every ingredient listed and sold, but I will tell you what I used to purchase and you can be sure that at the time it was by far the best quality I could source for a reasonable price.
  • When given the choice between regular and certified organic, make a decision based on your priorities and budget. Some of the companies listed have both versions available. I almost always stocked the certified organic version, but this can be considerably more expensive. Also bear in mind that some ingredients cannot be certified as organic.
  • If I haven’t listed a supplier for a particular ingredient you are after, this is what you need to do… Do some research and reading. Ask around. Ecosia (Google) it: “insert ingredient” + “insert city (if you want to stay local)” + “organic” (if that is important to you, or possible, depending on the ingredient you’re after of course – not everything can be sourced organically). If you have a supplier you trust or you yourself are a supplier, let us know here.
  • Most of these suppliers have wholesale programs, meaning you can apply to get bulk discounts. I won’t go into detail on this within each supplier info block, but if you run a business, you might like to ask them about this. Often, shipping becomes cheaper too.

The following is a list of my suppliers that have kindly offered a discount code for you:


Tony and Anna are the humans behind Blants and they’re absolutely lovely and a pleasure to deal with. Kind and caring, they are doing what they can to provide people with affordable and easily accessible ingredients for natural DIY recipes.


What I used to buy from them:

  • Citric acid
  • Himalayan salt
  • Washing soda
  • Bicarb (organic)
  • Magnesium chloride
  • Natural borax (not synthetic)
  • Coconut soap
  • Dead Sea salt
  • Epsom (I recommend the natural over gold label)
  • Bentonite clay (organic)
  • Sodium percarbonate
  • Activated charcoal

Shipping: At a charge, calculated at checkout. Be mindful these ingredients are heavy and shipping is never free (someone is paying for it, whether you see it or not).

Code: “KrissyTILP” for 10% discount


Joe is the frontman of this family run business that has specialised in the sourcing and supply of essential oils, carrier oils and skincare raw materials since 1992. I love that Joe is happy and willing to supply information on anything and everything – completely transparent.


What I used to buy from them:

  • Fractionated coconut oil
  • Sweet Almond oil (organic)
  • Apricot kernel oil (organic)
  • Witch hazel (organic)
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Jojoba oil (organic)
  • Vitamin C powder

Shipping: Postage calculated at checkout.

Code: “Cloud” for 5% discount


Jeffrey is the most passionate advocate for bees, he’s adamant his bees are the happiest and his beeswax is the very best. I’ve had lengthy conversations with Jeff in the past, and his passion is insane!


What I used to buy from them:

  • Beeswax pellets
  • Tea light wicks

Shipping: Free on orders over $200

Code: “krissy” – for 5% discount


Kwabena is the most passionate man you’ll meet when it comes to sourcing top-quality fair-trade Shea butter in an ethical manner. He is such an approachable man, and always happy to answer all questions asked (trust me!).

Web: https://www.deluxesheabutter.com

What I used to buy from them: 

  • Pure, unrefined organic shea butter

Shipping: Calculated at checkout

Code: “TILP38” – for 5% discount


To be honest, I don’t know a lot about these guys, but whenever I have spoken to them and asked questions, they’ve been more than happy to answer. It’s worth checking out their range – they’ve got so many DIY ingredients (and a great deal of them are certified organic).

Web: https://www.awo.com.au

What I used to buy from them: 

  • Candelilla wax

Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $200

Code: “krissy” – for 10% discount


L.O.V.E my soapberries! I use them in quite a few recipes in my new book; dishwashing and washing liquid are my favourite uses. The team at That Red House are beautiful people and genuinely care about the health of the planet.

Web: https://www.thatredhouse.com.au

What I used to buy from them: 

  • Soapberries
  • (The stainless steel pegs are also awesome!)

Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $30

Code: “krissy” – for 5% discount

The following is a list of businesses that have approached me and kindly offered a discount for you:

Note: These businesses have allowed themselves to be scrutinised (kindly, of course!) and passed the test. Remain alert and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


These girls are doing all the right things in this space and from my research, I am happy to recommend the products they source and sell (and they stock just about everything you need to DIY). 

Web: https://bloomingmandala.com.au

Shipping: They offer local pick up from Bertram or Atwell (WA) or shipping is a flat rate of $12. 

Code: “TILP10″ – for 10% discount

Supplier Recommendation List – By Ingredient

Activated charcoal Blants (code: “KrissyTILP” for 10% off).

Almond oil – Leonardi (code: “Cloud” for 5% off).

Almonds – Bulk food store like The Source, or your local supermarket.

Aloe vera gel – Sydney Essential Oils Company.

Apple cider vinegar  – Your local supermarket, or health food store.

Apricot kernel oil – Leonardi (code: “Cloud” for 5% off).

Argan oil – Sydney Essential Oils Company.

Arrowroot flour – Bulk food store like The Source, or your local supermarket (be wary of additives).

Avocado oil – Your local supermarket.

Beeswax Northern Light (code: “krissy” for 5% off).

Bentonite clay – Blants (code: “KrissyTILP” for 10% off).

Borax – Blants (code: “KrissyTILP” for 10% off). I don’t believe the brand at Bunnings is naturally derived but happy to stand corrected (let me know).

Botanicals – Bulk food store like The Source, or your garden (dehydrate them).

Candelilla wax AWO (code: “krissy” for 10% off).

Carrier oils – look below for FCO, sweet almond, rosehip oil, etc.

Castile soap – Bulk food store like The SourceWillows aka Naked Press.

Castor oil – Sydney Essential Oils Company.

Cinnamon – Bulk food store like The Source, or your local supermarket.

Citric acid – Blants (code: “KrissyTILP” for 10% off)

Clear alcohol – I just use Vodka – some for me, some for the soap 😉

Clove – Bulk food store like The Source, or your local supermarket.

Cocoa/cacao powder – Bulk food store like The Source, or your local supermarket.

Coconut – Bulk food store like The Source, or your local supermarket.

Coconut milk – Your local supermarket.

Coconut oil – your local supermarket, health food store or Sydney Essential Oils Company.

Coffee beans  – Your local supermarket.

Dead Sea salt – Blants (code: “KrissyTILP” for 10% off).

Epsom salt – Blants (code: “KrissyTILP” for 10% off).

Essential oils – follow this link for more information on essential oils.

Evening primrose oil – Sydney Essential Oils Company.

Fractionated coconut oil – Leonardi (code: “Cloud” for 5% off).

Freeze-dried fruits – Your local supermarket, or check out LuvaBerry.

Gelatin powder – Try bulk food stores like The Source, health food store or your local supermarket.

Grapeseed oil – Your local supermarket, or health food store.

Himalayan salt – Your local supermarket, or health food store. Or, Blants (code: “KrissyTILP” for 10% off).

Honey – Your local supermarket, health food store (or a local beekeeper!).

Hydrogen peroxide – Your local supermarket (near the bandaids).

Jojoba oil – Leonardi (code: “Cloud” for 5% off) or Sydney Essential Oils Company.

Lemon juice – Your local supermarket, or fresh food store.

Macadamia oil – Your local supermarket, or health food store.

Magnesium – Blants (code: “KrissyTILP” for 10% off).

Melt & Pour SoapBayside soaps has some (although it looks like they don’t stock the certified organic soap now) . M&P soap often contains a few undesireable ingredients so check those panels.

Micas – check out Aussie Soap Supplies

Nutmeg – Bulk food store like The Source, or your local supermarket.

Oats – Bulk food store like The Source, or your local supermarket.

Olive oil – Your local supermarket.

Quinoa – Bulk food store like The Source, or your local supermarket.

Rose water – Sydney Essential Oils Company.

Rosehip oil  Sydney Essential Oils Company.

Salt –Bulk food store like The Source, catering companies often have additive-free salt, or your local supermarket. 

Shea butter  Deluxe Shea Butter (code: “TILP38” for 5% off)

Soap powder – Blants (code: “KrissyTILP” for 10% off). Or mill down blocks of pure laundry soap from your local supermarket, or health food store.

Soapberries That Red House (code: “Krissy” for 5% off until the end of July).

Sodium bicarbonate – Blants (code: “KrissyTILP” for 10% off). You could also use the supermarket brand McKenzies (they recently sent me samples and confirmed their bicarb is aluminium-free).

Sodium carbonate, also known as washing soda – Blants (code: “KrissyTILP” for 10% off). I’m not sure if the brand at the supermarket is naturally derived but let me know if you find out otherwise.

Sodium percarbonate – Blants (code: “KrissyTILP” for 10% off).

Spirulina – Bulk food store like The Source.

Sugar – Your local supermarket.

Turmeric – Bulk food store like The Source, or your local supermarket.

Vanilla beans and paste – Your local supermarket.

Vegetable glycerine – Leonardi (code: “Cloud” for 5% off).

Vitamin C powder – Leonardi (code: “Cloud” for 5% off).

Vitamin E oil – Leonardi (code: “Cloud” for 5% off).

White vinegar – Your local supermarket.

Witch hazel – Leonardi (code: “Cloud” for 5% off).

Xanthan gum – Bulk food store like The Source, health food store or your local supermarket.

Xylitol – Health food stores.

Zinc oxide – N-essentials

Supplier Recommendation List – Packaging & Accessories

Candle wicks – Northern Light Beeswax sell tea-light sized wicks – I can vouch for these (use code krissy for 5% off your purchase). The following companies sell longer wicks, however I’m yet to research quality:  Eroma, Simply Candle Supplies & Aussie Candle SuppliesYou might like to check that they use pure cotton, and that they can assure you that their wicks do not contain nasties like lead.

Roller bottles, lip balm glass jars, glass cosmetic jars, etc. – Gala Importz

Lip balm tins, cosmetic tins, cosmetic jars, packaging bottles/tubs, etc. – Synergy Packaging

Foaming pump bottles – Blooming Mandala sell glass foamers (code: “TILP10 for 10% off). Contapack (is where I used to buy mine in bulk).

Boston bottles Plasdene 

Stickers/labels – E-Stickers

Packaging bags (recyclable and made from renewable resources) – Star Stuff Group (code: “TILP19” for 5% off).

    Supplier list by state, as recommended to me by the TILP community:

    I have tried to list businesses based on the state they operate from, but I can’t guarantee they have a storefront or allow pick up. Please note that I haven’t had the opportunity to personally vet all of the businesses on this list. Some I have used, and some I have never heard of but were suggestions given to me by my lovely TILPotters over in the Facebook discussion group. As times goes by, I will work through them and provide more info on the ingredIents they sell, shipping/pick up info etc., but for now, you’ll need to jump onto each site, or make a phone call and suss them out yourselves.


    Email me if you have any recommendations!


    Centaur Packaging – Bomaderry



    New Directions Australia – Sydney




    Bayside Soap – Wynnum



    Biome – Brisbane



    Escentials of Australia – Noosa



    Family Life Organics – Townsville



    Glass Bottles Direct – Yandina



    Grandmas Pantry – Capalba



    Green Living Australia – Underwood



    Handmade Naturals by Corinne – Brisbane



    Live Pure & Simple – Toowoomba



    My Essential Alchamy – Toowoomba



    Oils For Life Australia – Darra



    Plant Essentials – Townsville



    Replenish Refill – Hervey Bay




    Amber Living Glassware – Bridgewater



    Natural Good Life – Nangkita



    The Honey Shoppe – Adelaide  



    Here & There Makers


    These guys stock a great range of DIY ingredients in store only, and offer options for wasteless refill too.


    N-essentials – Keysborough


    They currently don’t have a showroom but do allow pick up (t&c’s apply).


    Robyn’s Soap House – Knoxfield



    Valerie’s Pantry – Geelong



    Roving Refills – mobile around VIC




    Anita Essentials

    (mainly packaging and accessories)



    Aussie Soap Supplies – Kardinya



    Barefoot Creations – Karratha



    Diffusional Aromatherapy Supplies – Kingsway



    Eco Warehouse – Bunbury



    Fodder and Forage



    Label Lane – Ellenbrook

    (mainly labels)



    Life Less Toxic – Swan View



    Pharmacy 777 – Whitfords


    Adriana stocks a small range of body/skin care ingredients, and is happy for you to put in requests too.


    Range Products – Welshpool



    Replenish – Kalamunda



    Saltbush Eco Store – Ellenbrook



    Stock Your Pantry – Moora



    The Organic Potioneer – Fremantle

    (mainly essential oils)



    Tranquil Scents – Kwinana



    Wasteless Pantry – Perth



    Weigh ‘n Pay – Woodvale


    online only


    Baraka Shea Butter


    New zealand





    Pure Nature – Auckland



    Krissy Ballinger

    Krissy Ballinger

    Author, Advocate & Founder

    With a background in health promotion, Krissy's passion is to educate and increase awareness on reducing the number of toxins that people expose themselves to on a daily basis, through an honest, simple and realistic approach.

    She has sold over 20,000 self-published books and is now published as the author of Naturally Inspired, Simple DIY Recipes for Body Care and Cleaning.

    Her recipes have taken her to the screen on more than one occasion, with morning TV appearances, and she received recognition as a ‘Woman Who Will Change The World’ in the AusMumpreneur business awards in 2018.

    This post contains affiliate links. Please note, I reach out to businesses and ask if they’d like to collaborate with me, or offer me affiliate links, because I love THEM, not the other way around. I only team up with businesses whose values align with mine. I may earn a small commission as a result of any purchases you make with this brand which allows me to invest more time into running my website, and providing free content for you.

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